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A One Hour Mindful Hand Drumming & Movement Experience

Join Rhythm Yogi, Alexandra Jai for a FREE Mindful Hand Drumming & Movement Class to Release Stress, Cultivate Joy and Connect with like-minded People from Across the Globe through the healing pulse of the Drum.

No drum or musical experience required.
All you need is a heart beat!

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September 26, 2020
11:00am Pacific Time


According to both worldwide, tradition-hallowed human experience and modern research, drumming can be powerfully helpful and healing in times of stress, anxiety and trauma. I have experienced Alexandra’s teachings first hand. She is a wonderful embodiment and translator of the healing power of the drum. I highly recommend Alexandra’s work to anyone looking to use the enchantment of rhythm for wellness, stress release and healing.

- Dr. Gabor Mate (Order of Canada Recipient, World Renowned Speaker, Bestselling Author and Expert on Addiction, Trauma, Stress and Childhood Development)

Alexandra has a unique gift for using hand drumming, rhythm and movement for healing and wellness. I have studied drumming with Alexandra and her classes release stress, calm the mind and are a joy to participate in. I highly recommend her teaching and the Rhythm Bliss program, and do so whole-heartedly.

- Dr. Brenda Lau MD, FRCPC, FFPMANZCA, MM, CGIMS, CIPS (Founder & Medical Director, ChangePain; Pain Specialist and Anesthesiologist, FRCPC Founder Pain Medicine; Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Dept. of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics )

I highly recommend Alexandra and her Rhythm Bliss program for anyone wanting to learn to drum. In fact, I can't recommend Alexandra highly enough. As well as being a very skilled drummer and rhythm teacher, Alexandra goes well beyond the technical aspects of rhythm and drumming and integrates yoga philosophy, meditation and movement practices. She is the real deal and is completely committed to this work. I remember when Alexandra attended my 3-day Village Music Playshop in Vancouver many years ago. She was VERY pregnant and her due date fell on the date of the training. She was so determined not to miss the program that she did the Playshop in a wheelchair and delivered her son two days after the workshop. If you want to learn how to play hand drums well, in a way that maximizes the health benefits, Alexandra is your gal.

- Arthur Hull (Internationally Renowned Percussionist, Global Rhythm Ambassador, and "Grandfather"of the Modern Facilitated Drum Circle)

Alexandra Jai

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Alexandra Jai is a hand drumming and yoga teacher, rhythm facilitator, accompanist and performer with over 30 years of experience. Following a transformative and deeply healing drumming immersion with Nigerian Master Drummer Olatunji Babatunde in her late teens, she plunged heart-first into the study of world percussion and rhythm culture. A lifelong student of rhythm and movement, Alexandra Jai studied traditional African, Afro-Cuban, Indian and Middle Eastern Hand Drumming from master drummers across the globe. She is the founder of Rhythm Bliss Studio, a centre for Rhythm and Movement Meditation serving Vancouver, BC since 2003. Alexandra Jai has created the Rhythm Bliss Online Mindful Hand Drumming and Movement program to spread joy, serenity and healing by blending the ancient art of hand drumming with yoga philosophy in a way that is easily accessible and relevant to our hectic, modern lives.

Join us for a
1 Hour
Yogic Hand Drumming
& Movement Class

Saturday Sept 26, 2020
11am Pacific/
2pm Eastern/

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